PD Course Certificates

Our Professional Development course has finished. Thank you to all our participants. It has been a very fruitful year.

If you have completed at least one category you should receive your certificate of completion soon.

I hope to see you next year. Registration for the 2018 course should start shortly.

Veronica Restelli, course administrator


Enteric Parasitology Module 3 released

The Enteric Parasitology Module 3 has been released.

Click on the Quizzes tab and select Enteric Parasitology.

Module 2 is a pre-requisite for Module 3

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Clinical Bacteriology Module 4 released

Clinical Bacteriology Module 4 (Survey M171) has been released.

Click on the Quizzes tab to access the quizzes! Remember you must be logged in to be able to go through the quizzes.

In order to complete Clinical Bacteriology Module 3 quiz you need to complete Module 3 first.