Welcome to CMPT’s Professional Development course

In line with its mission statement, CMPT (Clinical Microbiology Proficiency Testing) is bringing an opportunity for continual improvement to the clinical microbiology laboratory staff.

Through this course, laboratory technologists can learn relevant and practical information about different clinical microbiology scenarios through the reading of the challenge critiques and completing online quizzes.

The requirements for the course are: reading the challenge critiques for each category and complete an online assessment or Quiz (passing grade: 80%). 


The CMPT Professional Development course is a year-long course comprised of three different categories: Clinical Bacteriology, Mycology, and Enteric Parasitology.

Participants can choose to complete all modules in one particular category or to complete all modules in all categories. Credits awarded will depend on the number of modules/categories completed (see Assessment)

Quizzes for each module will become available according to the course Schedule.

A certificate of completion will be issued to each participant at the end of each course year. This certificate can be used to claim PEP hours / CPS credits.

Contact CMPT PD Course administrator if you have any questions.