• Do I need to register again if I took the course in 2022?

Yes, you need to register again every year; your username will be the same; but we need to update your contact information and permissions.

  • I don’t remember the password.

No problem, you can enter your username and click on the Lost password? Link below the login box (you will receive an email to change your password – this will be the email you enter when you registered)

  • I can’t login, it doesn’t recognize my email.

You are probably trying to login on another CMPT site. Please make sure you are in the right site: https://pd.cmpt.ca

  • I registered an I didn’t get a confirmation email.

Please note that this may take some time, if you don’t receive a confirmation in a week, please send the request again.

  • How do I check my scores and the quizzes I have already passed?

If you resolve a quiz and obtain a pass grade, you will be given a link to view your results tables.

You can check your results at any time by clicking on the Quiz Log button on the home page sidebar. Please note that you will only see results of quizzes that obtained a pass score.