Once the course is completed, participants will receive a certificate indicating the amount of hours so Continuing Education Credits can be claimed:

  • All modules: 24h
  • All Clinical Bacteriology modules: 15h
  • All Mycology modules: 4.5h
  • All Enteric Parasitology modules: 4.5h


No certificates will be issued for incomplete categories.


CMPT is pleased to announce that the course has been assigned PEP (Professional Enhancement Program) hours and CPS (Continual Professional Studies) Credits by the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS).

  PEP Hours CPS Credits
All modules 24 1.6
All Clinical Bacteriology modules 15 1.0
All Mycology modules 4.5 0.3
All Enteric Parasitology modules 4.5 0.3

Instructions on how to claim PEP hours or CPS credits are available on the CSMLS website.